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Michael Flarup
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Give your device a glow-up

Juice is a vibrant icon replacement set for macOS & iOS. It is a meticulously crafted squircle-based icon set that'll look great on your computer and your phone. It includes ICNS for macOS and PNG for iOS. It also comes with a nifty little owners manual.

Expand the set with Templates

Juice isn’t a comprehensive set and It is not made to replace every single icon on your system. It currently holds 47 icons— luckily it also comes with its own set of templates for Photoshop, Sketch & Figma. These templates include backgrounds, borders and details that make it easy for you to create exactly the icons you need to round off your set.

Juice currently has replacement icons for: Acrobat, Apple Music, Bridge, Chrome, Creative Cloud, Discord, Adobe XD, FaceTime, Figma, Finder, Firefox, Illustrator, InDesign, iTunes, Lightroom, Mail, Messages, Messenger, Notes, Notion, Photos, Photoshop, Safari, Sketch, Skype, Slack, Spotify, Teams, TextEdit, Things, Zoom (+ several variations on the above)


This icon set features transparent icon(s). That’s just a short way of saying I spent way too long trying to carefully balance transparency to make parts of an icon appear “see-through”. This produces the effect of having your wallpaper bleed through and color parts of the icon. If you’re using dynamic wallpapers you’ll see your icon change throughout the day. It’s pretty neat.

If you have any questions, then don't hesitate to reach out to desk@pixelresort.com or on twitter @flarup before purchasing. You'll get immediate access to the icon set, templates and manual after purchasing.


There’s no guarantee that replacing these icons will work on all systems and I’m not responsible for any issues arising from using them. Icon customisation has a long history on the Mac and Apple recently introduced new methods for changing system icons. Expect some tinkering to get some of these to work.

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💎 Icon Set
47 Replacement Icons in ICNS + PNG for macOS & iOS + access to future additions.
🛠️ Icon Template
Juice icon templates with ready-made backgrounds, borders and details for Photoshop, Sketch & Figma
📕 Owners Manual
A little handbook for owners with Artist Thoughts